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Your wealth should be an affirmation.

What would your life be if you could take it beyond just the next paycheck?

If you're reading this...

... you're probably a hard-worker that did everything you were expected to... but you feel yourself coming up short.
You got the job, you've been working and you've been responsible.
Somehow... despite all of this work and all of your responsibilities... at the end of every month, you feel yourself coming up short.
Student loans, debt, leases and responsibilities... you're approaching your best years but something like a little Colorado vacation feels like the furthest thing in the world.

You want to change, you've read the books, you try to listen to the podcasts on your commute, but all the financial "gurus" spout the same things:
- Scrimp and save as much as you can
- Cut out all of the "extras" like dining out and your netflix subscription
- How DARE you want that 5$ coffee(!?)

You're a capable and proud professional, more so, you've worked to get where you're at. So perhaps life isn't just about instant coffee packets and watching youtube documentaries? Maybe it's about LIVING, about enjoying the things you want, and seeing the world?

Forget the gurus, choose life.
I'm Sandra, a financial coach, and I want to help YOU

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Your finances can take you anywhere,
Where do you want to go?

Finding the right path

You don't have to feel guilty for wanting financial security or even treating yourself to a little something-something. With my common-sense principles and easy budgeting, you'll be on the path to total financial independance in no time.

Breaking free from debt

Most American Graduates are in at least 51,000$ of Student loan debt. Even more expect to still be paying their loans into their 50s. With dedicated one-on-one coaching calls and budgeting help, you'll be cruising into freedom from debt sooner than you'd ever think!

It starts with a plan.

What does your map look like?

Starting any journey in your life starts with a decision. After your decision, comes a plan. Sometimes we'll start traveling, we'll keep going, but we may never check back in with our maps.
 If you had an emergency today, what you be thrown into debt? Worse off, would you be thrown into bankruptcy.

There can be a lot of uncertainty, I can help.
Reach out now!

I'm Sandra.

I want to help YOU have control of your financial destiny!

Like any professional woman in her 30s, I used to have so many questions about the direction I wanted my life to take. I had so many questions about the paths I could take but got so many different answers. Instead of settling for the "normal" advice, I decided to blaze my own way to financial independence.

After cultivating my own wealth and eliminating my own debt I was able to purchase a home of my own and even invest. I started to spend time learning about personal finances and even started helping my friends and family to plot a course out of debt and towards their dreams.

2022 marks my third year operating as a financial coach, and  I'm prepared and ready for whatever you throw at me!

Did you know?

The average Female college graduate is  in at least $31,276 of debt.

Think about it.
Car payments, a down payment on a home. A vacation for yourself, or a surprise treat for your parents. Instead, you're in a situation where you have to carry this debt every single day.

But that's not all. Graduate debt outstandingly affects female students and young professionals, with women holding over HALF of all student loan debt.

YOU CAN WIN AGAINST THIS DEBT, you may think it's an obstacle, I firmly believe it's a challenge and I want to help you through it.

Want to know more about how you can beat the curve and break out into the life you want?

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Don't just take my word for it...

Let my past clients do the talking!

  • I could not recommend Sandra more. She is kind, professional, and has excellent scheduling flexibility as well as fair pricing. She has been very helpful on my financial journey and I look forward to continuing to work with her.
    Carleigh G.
    -Thumbtack Review
  • Incredibly nice, and good at relating to people from several walks of life.
    Samuel A.
    -Thumbtack Review
  • Sandra was very professional she was very knowledgeable and very helpful with all her answers if I needed to know anything about Finance Sandra guide me to the right people to get help in Investments also insurance. I really enjoy talking with her she made me think that I can do this even when I got discouraged every time I would pay a bill down something else would show up she would say that's ok it's going to happen just keep going.
    Mary W.
    -Thumbtack Review

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